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Rome, December 11, 1983. John Paul II visited the Lutheran church. It is the first time in history that a Pope prays with a Lutheran community. 

Martin Luther. 

Luther declared: «I’ve been a great villain and a murderer.» From 
the deposition of the home of Luther, Kudtfeld: «... I found my mas- 
ter literally hanging from his bed, strangled.» 

About the temptations of the flesh Luther said: «These idiotic asses 
(Catholics) do not know about the temptations of the flesh ... In 
reality, for these temptations, the remedy is easy: there are still 
women and girls.» 

But the hatred of Luther was concentrated on the Mass. He wrote: 

«When the Mass has been overthrown, I am convinced that we 
will have it overturned with Popery ... I declare that all the broth- 
els, murders, thefts, assassinations and adulteries are less evil than 
the abomination which is the Mass of the Popes.» 

Luther hated the Catholic Mass, put to the sword people in 
Germany and Europe, destroyed and desecrated thou- 
sands of churches and murdered thousands and thou- 
sands of Catholics, priests, religious? 

On May 25, 1982, John Paul II participated in worship 
at the Anglican Canterbury Cathedral, by doing so, 
caused a serious infringement of Canon Law. 

The emblem of the Rose-Cross of Martin Luther. 

The Rosicrucian is a cult which dates back to 1 188. In the Ancient and 
Accepted Scottish Rite, the 18th degree is called “Knight Rose- 
Croix” [In its secret meaning, this degree represents the heart of 
Freemasonry] . 

In fact, the task of the Knight of the Rosicrucian is obliterate the 
sacrifice of Christ on the Cross from the face of the earth. 

‘Chiesa viva 


September 2010